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Geoparks in North America




For the moment, only one country in North America is really involved in our dynamic: Canada, which has 3 UNESCO Geoparks. With a single nation, it is difficult to build a Regional network. Pending the creation of a North American network, our Canadian colleagues are warmly invited to participate in the work and dynamic of the existing Regional networks (EGN, APGN or GEOLAC).

Geoparks in North America                                                    ​

The Canadian National Committee for  Geoparks (CNCG) is a national committee  that was formed in 2009  under the auspices of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES) to address the need for coordination of UNESCO Global Geopark applications from Canada. Currently there are two geoparks in Canada, Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark, NB and Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark, BC.  There are approximately 10 aspiring geoparks at varying levels of readiness to submit a formal application to become a geopark.  The committee  has established guidelines governing the process by  which Canadian communities can aspire to UNESCO Global Geopark status and it assists communities to improve their applications that ultimately go to UNESCO Headquarters.  The CNCG conducts site visits prior to applications being sent to UNESCO and advises on strengths and shortcomings of aspiring geoparks in Canada.  Our goal is to make Canadian applications to UNESCO as good as they can possibly be. By 2020, there are 5 geoparks in CNCG. 


  1. Stonehammer Geopark – Canada

  2. Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark – Canada

  3. Percé, Canada

  4. Cliffs of Fundy, Canada (2020)

  5. Discovery, Canada (2020)
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