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Asia Pacific Geoparks Network

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APGN was created in 2017 and is composed by 60 UNESCO Geoparks from 8 Nations. The  objective of the APGN is to provide a networking platform between stakeholders of established and Aspiring UNESCO Geoparks with stakeholders of territories to facilitate the establishment of future UNESCO Geoparks and improve geological conservation and Geoparks governance.


Asian Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN)
APGN is established under Article 18 of The Global Geoparks Network (GGN) Statues as a Asia Pacific Region member for Regional Geopark Networks. Regional Geopark Networks serve for the coordination of GGN activities at a regional or continental level and as fora for the exchange of information and co-operation between Global Geoparks and Global Geopark professionals in the region.

Objective of APGN
The  objective of the APGN is to provide a networking platform between stakeholders of established geoparks and geosites (for those without a geopark) with stakeholders of geoheritage sites to facilitate the establishment of future geoparks and improve geoheritage and geoparks governance.

Role and Function of APGN
The main role of the APGN is to provide a networking platform that will enable strategic promotion of geoheritage conservation and geoparks establishment. In addition it will provide support particularly in the sustainable economic development of geopark areas with emphasis on enhancing geotourism and nature tourism activities. This will be carried out through the promotion and exchange of scientific understanding, technology and expertise as well as education and awareness raising programmes.

The activities of Regional Geopark Networks include the organisation of Regional Geopark Conferences, workshops and seminars, capacity building activities, common projects, promotional activities and common publications. Each Geopark Network forms a Coordination Commission which is the governing body of the Regional Network and elects one Coordinators, two Vice-Coordinators and an Advisory Committee according to the Regional Geopark Network Rules of operation.

The Advisory Committee (AC): The AC comprises representatives of the founding members of the APGN in recognition of their particular experience and knowledge on geoparks together with other nominated individuals with a particular skill or knowledge in the field of geological heritage and sustainable development. The Committee’s role includes the development of programmes and promotion of activities related to geodiversity assessment, geoheritage conservation, education and geoparks establishment. Decisions on memberships and programmes of the APGN shall be within the purview of the AC.

The AC of the APGN shall meet annually to monitor the progress of the network, particularly with regard to support programmes on geoheritage conservation, promotion of geoheritage education and awareness. This includes providing scientific and technical advice on assessment of the value of geoheritage, encourage comparative studies between geoheritage sites for mutual benefits and promote database development on geoheritage conservation. A biannual symposium will be held to encourage scientific and expert exchanges in addition to strengthening scientific and governance approaches and methods for both geoparks and geoheritage conservation.

Coordination Committee (CC): The role of the CC is to develop and coordinate a focused Asia Pacific Geoparks (APG) stakeholders collaborative partnership group that will provide scientific, technical and expert advice as well as support on geoparks establishment and governance. Membership to the CC is limited to two official nominated representatives of each Asia Pacific geopark (one of whom is a geosientist and the other a specialist on geoparks development or governance) and a representative from UNESCO. Decisions on matters pertaining to geoparks within the Region, admission of new members and evaluation of the criteria for geoparks establishment are within the purview of this Committee, with the UNESCO representative retaining the right to veto. There is no national quota to representation of the APGN CC though voting rights are limited to one per Asia Pacific geoparks.

APGN Internal Organisation
The APGN is an organisation that enteres into binding agreements, on behalf of its members, with other organisations such as UNESCO. However the APGN has no internal financing and no administration positions such as president, secretary general, treasurer. The rationale behind this is to encourage all members to be equally active for the benefit of the network, to encourage an equal division of responsibilities within the network and to avoid spending time in unnecessary administrative duties that would require financial support from within the network. For similar reasons there is no fee for membership of the APGN.