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European Geoparks Publications

European Geoparks Publications

2017 – 14th European Geoparks Conference held in Azores Geopark, Portugal

2015 – 13th European Geoparks Conference held in Rokua Geopark, Finland 

2013 – 12th European Geoparks Conference held in Cilento and Vallo di Diano Geopark, Italy

2012 – 11th European Geoparks Conference held in  Arouca Geopark, Portugal

2011 – 10th European Geoparks Conference held in  Gea Norvegica, Langesund, Telemark county, Norway
ISBN 978-82-93189-00-8

2010 – 9th European Geoparks Conference held in the Lesvos Petrified Forest Geopark on the Greek island of Lesvos.
ISBN 978-960-98579-5-6.

Building participative processes and increasing the economic value of goods in psiloritis Natural Pa
Lesvos petrified forest – European geopark: An analysis of visitors' preferences and characteristics
Heritage interpretation by volunteers on guided cycling tours in the terra. Vita geopark, Germany
Integrating geodiversity into the planning system: An example from west Lothian, Scotland
Protecting geological heritage in the Belgian province of Limburg: From information and education to
The countryside rangers in North West highlands geopark
Spreading the geological message success stories from marble arch caves European geopark
Geodiversity, Education and tourism in Leicestershire and Rutland
The significance of Olumo Rock to global planning of geoparks and design of public outdoor spaces
Tourism in geopark ceskÝ RÁJ
Towards and attractive and efficient geopark the vulkanelfel European geopark gerolsteiner land
Geodiversity as part of the quality coast label
Building the 'Devonian coral coast' (Torbay, UK)
Natural parks and geoparks in Switzerland
Protection of geological heritage in the Altai Mountains (Russia)
Working towards geopark ostrobothnia in western finland
Building the 'Devonian coral coast' (Torbay, UK)
Potential Iranian geoparks, and the present state of geotourism and geoconservation in damavand, nor
Raising Awareness of Geology, The example of the copper coast European geopark in Ireland
The marketing strategy of eifel tourism gmbh on the theme of geotourism in the vulkaneifel European
A Scottish experience: creating and implementing our north west highlands geopark marketing plan
Observe everything and communicate well: Some top tips for marketing geological heritage
'Dumbing Down' but maintaining scientific integrity: some examples of promoting geological heritage
Geotourism in Scotland: Developing a national network of sites to promote earth heritage awareness