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The GGN strongly encourage all the Geoparks to show and to share through their sosila media pages their social responsibility, their good examples and the real work that they are doing on the field with their population against the fight with COVID-19.

It is important to share the good examples of the presence of Geoparks inside this human crisis, the population’s resilience and their work with the population.

All these examples will be circulated in order other Geoparks to find inspiration on how to support the local population and help the local people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plese sent your links and info, photo, videos to 

HUANGSHAN UGGp (China) As the epidemic situation is getting better in China, Huangshan UGGp has been opened since Feb.21. But we are still holding some controls:Visitor number control. At the very beginning of our reopen, the max number for daily visit is 10 thousand, then 2 thousand since Mar.18. Some hotels, cable ways and bus transfer centers still remain closed. The number of passengers in each cable car and bus is also limited.

Online reserve and QR code are available for ticketing to reduce human contact. All the visitors are required to wear masks and to show their Health Code, a certificate for people’s covid-19 condition launched on Feb 11. Moreover, we’ve set infrared thermometer at the ticket checkpoint to take visitors’ temperature, before allowing entrance.  

Daily sanitization is ensured every day for infrastructure and areas such as tourist buses, trash bins, restaurants and ticket checkpoints, etc.

Strengthen market supervision. Hotels are regularly inspected. They are required to operate according to the relevant requirements of geopark epidemic prevention. Individual visitors should not share room with others.

For our staff, health code and temperature should be checked every day before they enter our office building. Masks and sanitizers are distributed. If there’s any suspicious case, it’ll be reported to the city municipal government.

Langkawi UGGp (Malaysia)

COVID-19 was first identified in early December 2019, and the first confirmed case in Malaysia was detected in late January 2020. To date, this pandemic outbreak already infected more than 2 millions people worldwide, and Malaysia recorded 5,182 (as of 17 April 2020) positive cases. Government of Malaysia has taken preventive measures drastically by imposing Movement Control Order (MCO) started on 18 March 2020 in order to break the pandemic chain. Langkawi was in the center page of media coverage since the outbreak COVID – 19, due to the arrivals of chartered flights and transit of luxury cruise passengers from the affected countries. Since January 2020, authorities have installed body thermal scanner at both entrances via air and sea. Sultanah Maliha Hospital; the only center with complete medical equipment that are ready to treat COVID – 19 patients in Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopasrk. To date, Langkawi recorded 4 positive cases from 110,000 population, nevertheless all the 4 cases were recovered and discharged from hospital. When this article is written, there is no new positive case identified.

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M’Goun UGGp (Morocco)

In the face of the global health crisis affecting Morocco, the M’goun Geopark  Association is strongly committed to efforts aiming at stemming the spread of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19). Awareness campaigns have been launched to help sharing information about this virus and the instructions set by the Moroccan health authorities to avoid contamination by Covid-19.

The Association has decided to allocate the amount of 30,000 Euros for the purchase of health and food products and donate them to low-income families living in the communities of the M’Goun UGGp.