2020 Forum on Volcanic Rocks and Geoparks in Volcanic Areas

  • 2020-12-23
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Yandangshan UGGp hosted Forum of Volcanic Rocks and Geoparks in Volcanic Area

The “2020 Forum on Volcanic Rocks and Geoparks in Volcanic Areas” was held in Yandangshan UNESCO Global Geopark from 17 to 20 November, 2020. Over 60 delegates attended the forum. They were from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chang’an University, Capital Normal University, Nanjing and Wuhan Branches of China Geological Survey, Leiqiong UGGp, Wudalianchi UGGp, Ningde UGGp, Jingpohu UGGp, Hexigten UGGp, Taining UGGp, Leye-Fengshan UGGp, and Jiuhuashan UGGp. APGN was one of the supporting organisations of the forum, and APGN Coordinator Prof. JIN Xiaochi, amongst others, addressing the opening ceremony.

Prof JIN addressing the forum at the opening ceremony

This forum brought together professionals of magmatic rock studies and experts of geoparks in volcanic areas, sharing each other’s ideas and achievements. Presentations from academic institutions demonstrated their recent results of studying late Mesozoic magmatic developments along the east Asian continent margin, where the Yandangshan and several other UGGps are located. These presentations provided the newest data for interpreting the genesis of the geoheritage sites and related landscapes in these geoparks. Presentations of Leiqiong UGGp, Wudalianchi UGGp, Ningde UGGp, Jingpohu UGGp, and Hexigten UGGp showed their achievements in geoheritage protection and geopark management, and sustainable development of communities in volcanic areas. Scientific studies on geology and geomorphology of volcanic areas provided an excellent opportunity for integrating science with local culture and history for the promotion of geotourism. Participants exchanged views on magmatic evolution, its petrogenesis, mantle and crustal processes, tectonic setting, and mineralization in the southeast coast of China, as well as the volcanic geology, landscape, and management of China’s global geoparks in volcanic area. Online presentations were also given by Professor Setsuya Nakata of Japan Volcano Research Promotion Centre and Professor Joao Carlos Nunes of Azores University of Portugal. Post-forum excursion in the geopark allow attendees to visit the major geosites such as Lingfeng, Fangdong, Changyu Dongtian and Nanxijiang, and gave participants a better understanding of the volcano structure and geomorphology of Yandangshan UGGp.

At the opening ceremony, the Nanjing Branch of China Geological Survey awarded Yandangshan Global Geopark the plaque “East China Mesozoic Volcanic Geological Research Centre”, launching a long-term co-operation on study of Yandangshan’s geological heritage and geoscience popularisation.

Plaque presentation of “East China Mesozoic Volcanic Geological Research Centre” to Yandangshan Global Geopark

During the forum, Hexigten Global Geopark submitted a membership application to the Secretariat of the Chinese Alliance of Geoparks in Volcanic Area, and was accepted as a member. In the meantime, it was decided that Wudalianchi UNESCO Global Geopark will host of the next forum.

Professor Wu Fuyuan of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS made conclusive remarks, who spoke highly of the achievements of the Forum and affirmed that it was a great initiative to bring together scholars of magmatic rock studies and geopark experts to share their ideas and experiences. Yandangshan will certainly continue to play a leading role in connecting geoparks in volcanic area, as well as encouraging and promoting researches on volcanos and volcanic rocks.

Photo of field excursion