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The fishing industry is an important economy and sampling local seafood is a must for the tourists in this geopark. A three-mile stretch of golden beach between Yanliao and Fulong highlights the finest beach of the geopark as a result of sedimentation of sandstone. Fulong sand sculpture festival is an annual attraction in the summer time, attracts both domestic and international visitors. Whale watching around Turtle Island is an experience that combine geological, ecological and human cultures in the geopark.
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Sand sculpture at the Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival

Guishan Island literally means Turtle Mountain island in Chinese language. It is so called due to its similarity to the shape of a floating turtle. It is located 10 km east of the Yilan County’s coastline. As a volcanic island, Turtle island is relatively young and composed mainly of andesite and volcanic clastic rocks. There are steep cliffs, active hot springs, hills, peaks, erosion caves, lakes, cold springs, and a rich ocean ecology on and around the islet. The island is open to the public with limits for maintaining its carrying capacity. The sulfur emissions and hot springs turned the sea water colors into a visible environmental education for school children. Whale watching is another attraction that people could enjoy around the island offshore with locally operated ferryboats. Turtle Island is a beautiful gem in the ocean for various reasons.
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A view of Turtle island from above

The scientific and environmental significance of these landforms is promoted with good practice of environmental education and interpretation. The Northeast Costal Geopark is one of the best environmental education sites for eroded coasts. It is the most visited tourist spot along Taiwan’s northern coast as well. It is particularly attractive for both children and adults with its aquatic activities and makes the coast gorgeous in the warm seasons 
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