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Management and administration of Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area
The northeast corner and the Yilan Coast National Scenic Area now covers six townships and cities in New Taipei City and Yilan County, with a coastline of 102.5 kilometers. It extends from Nanyali, Ruifang District, New Taipei City to the north, and south to the southern headland of Piao Beach in Su'ao Town. The western boundary is bounded by the mountain ridge to the north of Wushi Port; the southern boundary of Wushi Port is bounded by Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 2 to the south and Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 2 and Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 9; And the high tide line south of Wushi Port extends 200 meters to the sea and Guishan Island. The total land area is 12,325 hectares, the sea area is 4,805 hectares, and the total area is 17,130 hectares.
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The unique topography and climate make this area rich in animal and plant ecology; the sea area has the East China Sea shelf in the north and the black tide in the east, and the fish are abundant and abundant. It is an important fishing ground in Taiwan. In Guishan Island and southern Australia, there are even more precious whale and dolphin tourism resources. The long coastline also breeds diverse and rich humanities. The unique Maoao fishing village Shitou, Dali Tiangong Temple, and the "tiger stele" and "Xiongzhen smoky moraine" and the old Caoling on the Caoling Ancient Road The inscriptions of the tunnel gate towns-"Tian Tian Xian", "Bai Yun Fei", San Diao Jiao Lighthouse, etc., are all precious monuments, recording the pioneering spirit of the ancestral people and the ragged road, showing the beauty of humanity.
The vast and clear marine waters of the northeast corner are popular in the summer. Swimming, diving, windsurfing, surfing, canoeing and other waters are popular with tourists. They can also visit special ancient geological landscapes to enrich the itinerary. The humanities, history, topography, geology and natural ecology in the area are extremely rich and diverse. The management office organises seasonal festivals, such as: Fulong welcomes dawn, international sand sculpture art season, riding northeast corner and Caoling ancient road and monsoon season.
We sincerely invite you to experience the quaint and unique fishing village style in the northeast corner, to watch the geological landscape that has been formed for thousands of years, and to have the most beautiful encounter with the century-old historical and cultural monuments.
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The organizational structure of the Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area is described as follows. The director → deputy director → secretary → technical officer → classrooms and management stations; each classroom and management station are as follows: planning class, public works class, management class, recreation class, Secretarial Office, Personnel Room, Accounting Office, Fulong Management Station (Jurisdiction of Fulong Visitor Center), Longdong Management Station, Dali Management Station (Jurisdiction of Dali Visitor Center), Yilan Management Station (Jurisdiction of Nanfangao Visitor Center, Zhuangwei Dune Tourism Services Park).

Business Unit

Business in charge

Telephone and fax

Planning class

  1. Survey and planning of tourism resources.

  2. Planning matters for tourism construction.

  3. Promotion and review of private investment and operation of sightseeing and accommodation facilities.

  4. Research and statistics on tourism and recreation information.

  5. Matters related to land use cases.

  6. Various land acquisition matters.

  7. The collection, research, arrangement and compilation of relevant laws and regulations.

  8. Research and development of scenic area regulations.

  9. Matters related to construction planning control and construction application cases.

  10. Other related planning matters.

  • Phone: (02) 2499-1115 # 120 ~ 126

  • Fax: (02) 2499-1170

Public Works Division

  1. Planning matters for construction projects.

  2. Exploration, surveying and design matters of construction projects.

  3. Contracting, construction and supervision of construction projects.

  4. Planting and greening matters.

  5. Various recreational bases, beautification, maintenance of public facilities and plant maintenance matters.

  6. Natural disaster management projects.

  7. Other matters related to engineering construction.

  • Phone: (02) 2499-1115 # 110 ~ 118

  • Fax: (02) 2499-2302

Management Lesson

  1. Recreation area operation and management matters.

  2. Promoting and supervising the recreational business.

  3. The conservation of tourism resources and specific ecological, geological, landscape and water resources.

  4. Management, counseling matters of sightseeing, recreation, accommodation and public facilities.

  5. Scenic area management business and management station contact and coordination matters.

  6. The contact and coordination of the garrison police team and the cleaning team.

  7. Environmental cleanliness, beautification and order maintenance and improvement matters.

  8. Handling matters in violation of various laws and regulations.

  9. Other relevant management matters.

  • Phone: (02) 2499-1115 # 130 ~ 137

  • Fax: (02) 2499-1283

Recreation class

  1. Planning, promotion and implementation of sightseeing and recreational activities.

  2. Cooperation and support matters for sightseeing and recreational activities.

  3. Planning, design and production of recreational commentary facilities.

  4. Issues concerning the compilation and printing of publicity materials for sightseeing and recreation.

  5. Recreation explains the training and management of volunteers.

  6. Other matters related to recreation and commentary.

  • Phone: (02) 2499-1115 # 220 ~ 236

  • Fax: (02) 2499-1170

Secretary room

  1. The implementation matters of the operating income and expenditure of various recreational bases.

  2. Administrative innovation, research and development, promotion of service to the people, and regulatory assessment matters.

  3. Document sending and receiving, rewriting school, letter keeping, official document limitation control, document reminder and management of files and books.

  4. Land, property registration, storage and management matters.

  5. Management matters for property purchase and room repairs.

  6. Management matters for mechanics, driving and workers.

  7. Management and maintenance of vehicles, equipment and equipment.

  8. Cash receipts and disbursements and custody of negotiable securities.

  9. Employee payroll matters.

  10. Public insurance premiums, labor insurance premiums, health insurance premiums, public service retirees ’pensions, the provision of retirement savings for contracted employees, calculation and payment of welfare mutual assistance.

  11. Public relations and press release matters.

  12. The collection, editing and report processing of major events in this department.

  13. Other matters that are not in charge of each classroom.

  • Phone: (02) 24991115 # 150 ~ 160

  • Fax: (02) 2499-1170

Personnel room

  1. Organizational preparation, position assignment and manpower planning matters.

  2. Staff appointments, removals, transfers, accreditations, and grants.

  3. Staff duty management matters.

  4. Staff training, further training, study, going abroad, investigation matters.

  5. Staff assessment, rewards and punishments and security matters.

  6. Staff retirement, pension, severance and separation matters.

  7. Staff treatment, welfare, insurance, mutual assistance matters.

  8. Personnel personnel appointment, removal, transfer, assessment, reward and punishment, and withdrawal matters.

  9. Registration and management of staff personnel information.

  10. Responsible for the preparation of the detailed list.

  11. Other related personnel management matters.

  • Phone: (02) 24991115 # 106, 167

  • Fax: (02) 2499-1325

Master room

  1. The collection and preparation of annual revenue, annual revenue estimates, final accounts, budgets and related materials.

  2. Budget allocation and implementation matters.

  3. Preparation and accounting of accounting reports.

  4. Fund review, receipt and payment voucher storage and reporting matters.

  5. Cash notes and financial verification matters.

  6. Supervision and management of procurement cases.

  7. It also handles the appointment, removal, transfer, evaluation, rewards and punishments, and withdrawal of accounting personnel.

  8. Other matters related to annual accounting, accounting and statistics.

  • Phone: (02) 24991115 # 107 ~ 108

  • Fax: (02) 2499-1697

Management station (Longdong, Dali, Yilan)

  1. Travel services and commentary matters.

  2. Maintenance and management of tourism order and safety.

  3. Environmental sanitation maintenance and pollution prevention matters.

  4. Management and maintenance of public facilities.

  5. Conservation of tourism resources and maintenance of unique ecological, geological, landscape and water resources.

  6. Relief matters.

  7. Other matters designated by the management office.

  • Longdong Station
    Tel: (02) 2499-1190 # 12 ~ 23
    Fax: (02) 2499-1218
    Address: 228 No. 33 Dongxing Street, Fulongli, Gongliao District, New Taipei City

  • Dali Station
    Tel: (03) 978-0727 # 201 ~ 210
    Fax: (03) 978-0724
    Address: 261 No. 11, Section 7, Binhai Road , Toucheng Town, Yilan County

  • Yilan Station
    Tel: (03) 930-8490 # 10 ~ 13
    Fax: (03) 930-7424
    Address: 263 No. 295, Section 3, Zhuangbin Road , Guoling Village, Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County

Garrison Police

  1. Inspection, illegal ban and report of tourist resources and unique ecological, geological, landscape and water resources.

  2. Maintenance of travel order safety and travel consultation and service matters.

  3. Prohibition and reporting of mobile street vendors, unauthorized booths, forced photography, forced sales of goods and other acts of harassment of tourists in recreational bases

  4. Investigation, suppression and reporting of violations of various tourist laws and regulations.

  5. Assistance matters for disaster relief.

  6. Other security matters.

  • Phone: (03) 978-0727 # 204 ~ 210

  • Fax: (03) 978-0724

  • Address: No. 11, Section 7, Binhai Road, Toucheng Town, Yilan County, 261