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The management of Caoling Geopark during the past decade focuses on four different parts including geoconservation, geotourism development, environmental education and community participation. 
  • In the geoconservation context, management plans have been proposed and implemented accordingly, in order to identify the threats of each landscape and to prevent and handle natural disasters. For example, the 921 National Earthquake Memorial Site was set up in 2005. The main goals of this protected area includes: (1) to protect residents and visitors from the unstable area, and (2) to preserve its natural processes.
  • In the geotourism development context, 6 recreational trails have been constructed to connect several landscape sites together to provide enhanced recreational experience for tourists. Natural landscapes interpretation training courses have also been held each year to train residents as interpreters.
  • In the environmental education context, the Education Center was recently set up in the Caoling elementary school, and the Environmental Education Center was opened in the community. In the near future, Caoling Information Center will also be launched to serve tourism and education affairs.
  • In the community participation context, Caoling’s residents are involved in all the aforementioned contexts. For example, some residents have become the bus drivers that guide the tourists around the major landscapes and provide interpretation service. Recently, the residents have also been working together to design and develop Caoling’s Geoproducts.

Source: Lee, C. T., Su, C. H. (2017). Geodiversity and Management of Caoling Geopark, Yunlin County, Taiwan. 2017 International Geopark Conference in Taiwan (Conference proceeding)