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Tour guidance

Tour guidance
The 10 scenic spots of Caoling famous all over Taiwan are Penglai Falls, Broken Hill, Rocky Cliff, Water Shaded Cave, Frog Rock, Marvelous Cave, Dead Man Valley, Tongxin Fall, Beaded Pond, Brook Paradise. All the grand rocks, marvelous stone, falls or streams are not artificially carved or decorated but made by God and formed splendid natural landscape.

Caoling’s 10 scenic spots

Caoling (South area)

Shibi (Eastern area)

Neihu and Waihu
(Western area)

Scenic spots


Scenic spots


Scenic spots


1. Feishan Scenic Lookout

landslide, dip slope

5. Penglai Waterfall(in Caoling)

waterfall Penglai Trail 2.5K/30min

8. Tongsin Waterfall, Lianjhu Pothole

pothole, waterfall Tong sin Trail 1.6K/40min

2.  Youqing
Canyon, Frog Rock, Honeycomb
Rock, Shuiliandong
(Water Curtain Cave)

intrenched meander, unique rock, pothole, waterfall Youqing Valley Trail 1.3K/40min Shuiliandong
Trail (Oil tea Camellia Trail) 1.3K/60min

6. Shibi Fairy Canyon, Youlong

waterfall Maple Trail 0.4K/15min Youlong Lake Trail 0.9K/30min Jhugao shuei River Trail 5K/105min

9. Wannian (10 Thousand

pothole, canyon Wan nian Canyon Trail 1.1K/30min

3. Ciaobi-
(Steep Slope)

landslide, steep slope Ciaobi syongfong Trail 0.6K/30minAutumu Maple Tree Trail 0.7K/30min

7. Yunling Hill, Wuyuanerjiao (5Dollar and 2Dime)

cloud sea, tea garden, rhizome forest SkidwayTrail3.1K/60min 
CedarTrail 1K/30min

10. Caoling Intensive  Shellfish
Fossil Strata

Fossil Strata

4. Qingxi small world

Qingshui River meander, canyon





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There are three waterfalls in Caoling : Shuiliandong Waterfall , Penglai Waterfall and Tongsin Waterfall. In summertime you can see the majestic waterfalls and you can see an elegant trickle in winter. 

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Shuiliandong Waterfall is bigger than Penglai Waterfall. The reason is that Qingshui River has more water. So erosion is stronger and faster that forms an uneven terrain.
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Shuiliandong Waterfall (Photo:


Potholes are cylindrical holes drilled into the bed of a river that vary in depth & diameter from a few centimetres to several metres . When flowing water encounters bedload , it is forced over it and downcuts behind the bedload in swirling eddie currents. These currents erode the river’s bed and create small depressions in it. Among the new ten scenic spots in Caoling, it is most easy to observe the potholes in Shibi Fairy Valley, Liansin Pothole and Lianjhu Pothole.



The Wannian Canyon is eroded by Neihu River. The river sometimes hides in two stories deep canyon. Other times, it suddenly appears on the open river bed, flowing at your feet, like playing hide and seek!

Neihu River is named after a water eel flowing over the stratum, so Neihu River also called ‘ S híhmanzih River’.
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The Wannian Canyon (Photo:

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Source:  草嶺地質公園手冊