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Traffic and Contact Information

General information
(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.[3]
Taipei ↔ Hualien 234km (Provincial Hwy No.9)
Taipei ↔ Taitung 338km (Provincial Hwy No.9)

Taipei ↔ Taitung 346km (Provincial Hwy No.9+Provincial Hwy No.11)
Pingtung Fonggang ↔ Taitung 112km (South-Link Highway)
Tainan ↔ Taitung 250km (Southern Cross-Island Highway)

From Taipei International Airport fly to Taitung on UNI Air or Mandarin Airlines.
Taitung Airport
TRA Hualien Station  Hualien Bus (bound for Taitung, Chenggong) to Baxian Cave (Baxiandong) stop.
TRA Taitung Station  Dingdong Bus (bound for Jingpu, Hualien) to Baxian Cave (Baxiandong) stop.

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Inquiry Hotline for Highway Condition 02-23113456#1968
Police Broadcasting Service 02-23888099
Free hotline provided by the Police Broadcasting Service  0800-000123
          aTo Xiaoyehliu
To get there, you have several options [1]
1) If leaving from the Taitung Bus Station, your stop is approx. a 15 to 20 minute ride on the East Coast bus line. Please check the bus time tables and fares with the station attendants, as bus numbers are apt to change. Once on the bus, mention "Xiaoyeliu" to the driver.
2) If you are catching the bus from any alternate pick up location on the East Coast seaside road, be aware that buses only stop if passengers are visibly waiting, and they do not adhere to the timetable. You may need to flag down a bus whenever the next one passes. Buses run loosely every 30 minutes. Once on the East Coast, there is only one bus line, so don't worry about catching the wrong one.
3) If traveling by scooter, the visitor center is visible from the road on the ocean facing side of the road. Follow the map and keep an eye out for signs.

b. To Baxian Cave:[2]
No.1-4, Shuimuding, Changbin Township, Taitung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Drive on your own:
From Taitung: No. 11 Provincial Highway (11
號省道) -> Malan Gas Station (馬蘭加油站) -> Fugang (富岡) -> Dongho (東河) -> Chenggong (成功) -> Changbin (長濱) -> Baxian Cave (八仙洞)
By Bus:
Take Dingdong Bus (
鼎東客運) bound for JIngpu (靜浦) to Baxian Cave (八仙洞). Visitors may also take Taichi Bus (台汽客運) at Chenggong (成功) bound for Hualien (花蓮) or Jingpu (靜浦) to Changyen (長演) or Baxian Cave (八仙) stop.

(resource: east coast national scenic area)