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Management and Administration of East Coast National Scenic Area

The eastern Taiwan region has beautiful natural landscapes, rich humanities and ecological resources, and a sparse population. The environment is not polluted. It is a rare piece of pure land in Taiwan and has great potential for tourism development. The Tourism Bureau plans to develop the area based on the need to expand national tourism space. In September 1976, according to the plan developed by the Tourism Bureau, the Executive Yuan approved the east coast area as the second national scenic spot in Taiwan; and approved the establishment of a management office by the Tourism Bureau, which is responsible for development, construction and operation management. On June 1, 1977, the Tourism Bureau established the "East Coast Scenic Spot Management Office"; on January 28, 1984, the "General Rules for the Organization of the National Scenic Area Administration" was promulgated. National Scenic Area Administration.

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This office is affiliated to the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation of the Executive Yuan. It has a director, deputy director, secretary, and technical officer. It also has a planning section, a public works section, a management section, a recreational section, a secretary room, a personnel room, a accounting room, and Hualien Management station, Taitung management station, Lvdao management station, etc., and there is a stationed police team. Among them, there are Duli Visitor Center and Amei Folklore Center under Recreation Class; Hualien Visitor Center, Xiuguluanxi Visitor Center and Xibulan Visitor Center under Hualien Management Station; Baxiandong Visitor Center and Xiaoyeliu under Taitung Management Station Visitor Center, Sanxiantai Visitor Center; Green Island Visitor Center is located under the Green Island Management Station.

Business Unit

Business in charge

Telephone and fax


The Director of the Department manages the affairs comprehensively, and his responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Work plan instructions and decisions.

  2. Supervise, direct and evaluate the business of each class, room, team and station.

  3. Huadong District Sustainable Tourism Development Advisory Committee.

  4. Decision on budget preparation and budget allocation.

  5. Approval and proposal of appointment, dismissal, assessment, reward and punishment of personnel at all levels

  6. Instructions and decisions prepared in the work report.

  7. Host of important meetings.

  8. Manuscript review and review.

  9. A summary of other related affairs.

  • Tel: 089-841392 (special line) # 1000

Deputy Director

The Deputy Director of the Department assists the Director in handling the affairs, and his powers and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Assistance and supervision of the work plan.

  2. The handling of authorized matters by the Director and the comprehensive review and judgment of the manuscript.

  3. Supervision and assessment of the business of each class, room, team and station.

  4. Attend or preside over various meetings.

  5. Other related affairs.

  • Tel: 089-841202 (special line) # 1001

Supervisors at all levels

The heads of the units of this department have the following responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for business planning, execution, supervision and assessment.

  2. The approval or approval of the business in charge according to the provisions of the division of powers and responsibilities.

  3. Responsible for the review, routine and authorized judgment of manuscripts.

  4. Proposals for the supervision, appointment, removal, assessment, rewards and punishments of the affiliated personnel and the assignment of work.

  5. In charge of business contact, contact and coordination.

  6. Attend relevant meetings.

  7. Preparation of important official documents.

  8. Handling other matters assigned by the chief.

  9. The Secretary, Technical Officer, Technician, Classmate, Technical Assistant, Clerk, and Secretary of the Department shall deal with matters to be handled at the order of the Chief Executive.


Planning class

The planning section has the following responsibilities:

  1. Survey and planning of tourism resources.

  2. Planning matters for tourism construction.

  3. Promotion and review of private investment and operation of sightseeing and accommodation facilities.

  4. Research and statistics on tourism and recreation information.

  5. Matters related to land use cases.

  6. Various land acquisition matters.

  7. The collection, research, arrangement and compilation of relevant laws and regulations.

  8. Research and development of scenic area regulations.

  9. Matters related to construction planning control and construction application cases.

  10. Other related planning matters.

  • Phone: 089-841520 # 1200 ~ 1208

Public Works Division

The power department's powers and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Planning matters for construction projects.

  2. Exploration, surveying and design matters of construction projects.

  3. Contracting, construction and supervision of construction projects.

  4. Planting and greening matters.

  5. The beautification and maintenance of public facilities in various recreational bases.

  6. Natural disaster management projects.

  7. Other matters related to engineering construction.

  • Phone: 089-841520 # 1500 ~ 1516

Management Lesson

The management section has the following responsibilities:

  1. Recreation area operation and management matters.

  2. Promoting and supervising the recreational business.

  3. The conservation of tourism resources and specific ecological, geological, landscape and water resources.

  4. Management, counseling matters of sightseeing, recreation, accommodation and public facilities.

  5. Scenic area management business and management station contact and coordination matters.

  6. The contact and coordination of the garrison police team and the cleaning team.

  7. Environmental cleanliness, beautification and order maintenance and improvement matters.

  8. Handling matters in violation of various laws and regulations.

  9. Other relevant management matters.

  • Phone: 089-841520 # 1400 ~ 1408

Recreation class

The rights and responsibilities of the Recreation Course are as follows:

  1. Planning, promotion and implementation of sightseeing and recreational activities.

  2. Cooperation and support matters for sightseeing and recreational activities.

  3. Planning, design and production of recreation and explanation facilities.

  4. Issues concerning the compilation and printing of publicity materials for sightseeing and recreation.

  5. Recreation and explanation of volunteer training and management matters.

  6. Other matters related to recreation and commentary.

  • Phone: 089-841520 # 1300 ~ 1308

Secretary room

The power and responsibilities of the secretary room are as follows:

  1. The implementation matters of the operating income and expenditure of various recreational bases.

  2. Administrative innovation, research and development, promotion of service to the people, and regulatory assessment matters.

  3. Document sending and receiving, rewriting school, letter keeping, official document limitation control, document reminder and management of files and books.

  4. Land, property registration, storage and management matters.

  5. Management matters for property purchase and room repairs.

  6. Management matters for mechanics, driving and workers.

  7. Management and maintenance of vehicles, equipment and equipment.

  8. Cash receipts and disbursements and custody of negotiable securities.

  9. Employee payroll matters.

  10. Public insurance premiums, labor insurance premiums, health insurance premiums, public service retirees ’pensions, the provision of retirement savings for contracted employees, calculation and payment of welfare mutual assistance.

  11. Public relations and press release matters.

  12. The collection, editing and report processing of major events in this department.

  13. Other matters that do not belong to each classroom.

  • Phone: 089-841520 # 1100 ~ 1110

Personnel room

The authority and responsibilities of the personnel room are as follows:

  1. The preparation of personnel regulations.

  2. The staff sent the investigation and proposed matters of the case.

  3. Staff attendance records and training preparations.

  4. Staff's performance appraisal and preparation of the exam.

  5. Staff insurance, pension signing and welfare planning matters.

  6. Registration of staff appointments, removals, transfers, rewards and punishments and other matters.

  7. Staff salaries to sign the proposed matters.

  8. Suggested matters that require personnel to conduct the examination according to law.

  9. Personnel surveys and collection of statistical data.

  10. Other related personnel management matters.

  • Phone: 089-841520 # 1600 ~ 1601

Master room

The authority and responsibilities of the Comptroller's Office are as follows:

  1. Annual revenue, annual revenue estimates, budget and related information collection and preparation matters.

  2. Budget allocation and implementation matters.

  3. Preparation and reporting of accounting reports.

  4. Fund review, receipt and payment voucher storage and reporting matters.

  5. Cash bills and property verification matters.

  6. Matters related to the supervision and management of the construction work and purchase of property.

  7. Accounting personnel management matters.

  8. Other matters related to annual accounting, accounting and statistics.

  • Phone: 089-841520 # 1610 ~ 1612

Management station (Hualien, Taitung, Green Island)

The management station (Hualien, Taitung, Lvdao) has the following responsibilities:

  1. Travel services and commentary matters.

  2. Maintenance and management of tourism order and safety.

  3. Environmental sanitation maintenance and pollution prevention matters.

  4. Management and maintenance of public facilities.

  5. Conservation of tourism resources and maintenance of specific ecological, geological, landscape and water resources.

  6. Relief matters related to emergency.

  7. Other matters designated by the management office.

Garrison Police

The garrison police team has the following responsibilities:

  1. The inspection, violation and outlawing of sightseeing resources and specific ecological, geological, landscape and water resources.

  2. Maintenance of travel order security and travel consulting service matters.

  3. Prohibit and report matters on mobile vendors, unauthorized booths, forced photography, forced sales of goods and other acts of harassment of tourists in recreational bases.

  4. Investigation, suppression and reporting of violations of various tourist laws and regulations.

  5. Assistance matters for disaster relief.

  6. Other security matters.

  • Phone: 089-280313 # 5116