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The Lichi Badlands are located on the banks of the Beinan River, in Taitung's northern suburbs. Toward the north, along the country road, the geopark connects the west side of the Taitung Bridge with Lichi Village, and after passing Lichi Bridge for around 400 meters, visitors can see a large slice of barren mountain wall with many gullies. The exposure of the "Liji Mélange", known as the "Taitung geological national treasure" is a unique feature of the landscape here [1].
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Geologically, the Lichi Badland Geopark is situated between Eurasian Continent and Philippine Sea Plates with an area of about 2261 km2. With its remarkable values in both geology, education and tourism, in 2011, Lichi Badlands were assigned to be one of the Taiwan Geopark Network.

Lichi Badland Geopark possesses various outstanding geoheritages such as badland gorge, exotic block hill, panoramic view platform, etc., and 4 trails equipped with panels, as well as 5 practical traveling routes. Therefore, Lichi badland geopark is known as a destination for adventures and detailed surveys by a combination of Earth scientists, local people, and government institutions. (Liou et al, 2017)[2]
[1]   Source: East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC
[2] Liou, Y. S., Wu, C. H., Chung, W. Y. (2017). Local community participation toward Geotourism development in the Lichi Badland Geopark, Eastern Taiwan. 2017 International Geopark Conference in Taiwan.