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Community Involvemnet


Matsu is famous for its aquaculture, fishery food processing and winemaking. Matsu has rich fishery resources, and major fish catches includes yellow croaker, white pomfret, shrimp, Poli fish and other countless crustaceans, including Mytilidae and Foshou shell which have a high protein content and high economic value. Good use has been made of the ocean resources, for example aquaculture for yellow croaker, fishery food processing and rocky shore sea fishing activities.

Tae-ban community was the major economic center of the Matsu and its economic base was fishing. The influx of the military in 1949, transformed its base economy from fishing and agriculture into commerce for serving the military. Later with the relocation of the county government and the withdrawal of the military administration, its economy transformed again. Tourism now has been a vital element for the local community.

The case with Tae-ban in fact manifests a common economic transformation of entire Matsu. As quality and knowledge-based tourism has become trendy, Matsu better maintain its natural and human enviroments integral with eco- and geo-tourism.Communities play an essential role in the establishment of geoparks. As the martial law and the military administration did not encourage communal activities and civilian spirits, many villages in Matsu lack the experience in local mobilization. It will be some time before the bottom up mechanism takes roots in Matsu. With the auspices of the Matsu Scenic Area Administration, communities are starting to take control of local affairs in a participatory fashion. Tae-ban community and community association have mobilized inhabitants to remodel some deserted traditional houses and landscape to improve the local milieu. Such efforts manifest the great potential of the Matsu communities. Other significant communities, scattered over the five major islands of Matsu include Chin-bi of Bei-gan, Chong-liu and Lehua of Dongying, Fuzheng, Dapu of Dongying, et al. They have proved to be indispensable for community development and for the geopark. 
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