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        Matsu is located to the North-west of Taiwan and offshore of China, facing China’s Min River estuary, is administrated as Lanjiang county of Taiwan. Matsu is divided into four townships with 5 major islets and numerous inhabited islets of ecological significance. From north to south, 5 islets respectively, are Dongyin, Beigan, Nangan, Xiju and Dongju. These islets were separated from Euro-Asian continent geographically ten thousand years ago or at the end of the last Ice age when the sea level rose about 120 meters.

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           The Matsu archipelago consists of 36 islets, with a total area of 29.6 km2. The biggest islet is Nangan islet of 10.4 km2. Matsu’s location accents its ecological and historical significance both in China’s and Taiwan’s histories. Nowsaday, Matsu is a characteristic small archipelago both for its natural and human environments.