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There are many activities in the Geopark, such as: Waisanding Sand Bar in Kouhu Township in Yunlin, where visitors can get on a bamboo raft to take in the unique geographical sights, experiencing stepping in the waves, touching clams and seeing crabs. Besides the tourist fish market within Budai Fishing Port in Chiayi, there is also the celebrations of Xintan Jiaying Temple and Haomeiliao Taisheng Temple and the most popular event of all is the salt drying experience at Beimen Jingzaijiao Tiled-paved Salt Fields. Through the narration and guidance of the commentator from our office, visitors can personally walk down to the salt fields and experience the joy of salt pushing, and further understand the local salt history. 

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This can be said to be an intellectual and interesting relaxation experience. Also, a salt prayer ceremonial event is held annually and pure Taiwanese salt crystals are blessed through a ceremony and placed in salt talisman pouches. They have loveable appearance and protect one’s safety, making them widely popular with visitors. During the festivities, visitors clamor to fill up some of these salts to bring them back to relatives and friends, the occasion is really heartwarming and bustling with activity.

The Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields boasts the first salt field in Tainan’s Beimen area, and they are also the oldest relics of tile-paved salt fields that still exist in the country. An extraordinary Mosaic-like patchwork, these salt fields survived the decline of solar salt-making industry; they were restored to become the most special tourist salt fields in the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. At Jingzaijiao, tourists can make their own solar salt using the ancient method, carrying salt with a shoulder pole and harvesting the salt. A tour guide service is available throughout the family-friendly salt-making trip.