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The Southwest Coast National Scenic Area has rich and diverse tourism elements, including sandbars, lagoons, special religious activities, salt and fish farming industries, historical resources from Taiwan's early development, as well as precious plants and animals. In 2013, the Tourism Bureau, in conjunction with the government, continued to implement the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area section of the “Mid-term Plan for the Construction of Major Scenic Sites (2012–2015)." Major achievements are as follows:
1. Planning and Construction
(1) Expanded the review of the managerial scope of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Administration, carried out overall planning of tourism development and financial arrangement, and took stock of the general effectiveness of tourism in order to prepare a blueprint for the future.
(2) Organized the installation of Tropic of Cancer landmarks at the Dongshih Fisherman's Wharf, renovation of the public service facilities of the Budai Jiaying temple, integration of Beimen cycle paths, construction of the Bell Tower installation at the Beiman Visitor Information Center, as well as began use of the Kouhu Visitor Information Center and actively developed the distinguishing features of tourist attractions.
(3) Completed the construction of the parking lot at Sihcao Green Tunnel, improvements to the surrounding roads of the Guosheng Port Lighthouse, improvements to the street landscape of the Budai Fish Market, landscaping of the restaurant at the entry of the Beimen Administration Park, installation of toilets at the Jingzaijiao salt fields, as well as other facility and surroundings improvements to offer tourists a more friendly and convenient travel environment.
(4) Continued the restoration of the Beiman Salt Administration Office to preserve and re-utilize precious historical heritage.
2. Operation and Management
(1) Regular inspections were made at recreational spots to maintain and manage facilities and the environment and ensure tourist safety.
(2) Established the smallholder farmer’s holiday market at Kouhu Township on December 7, 2013, and another one in the Beimen District of Tainan on to December 21 to facilitate the development of the smallholder farmer as well as local tourism.
(3) Organized the rental and management of scenic locations. In addition to the 5 original rental cases such as the Jingzaijiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields and the Masago coastal leisure facility, the two rental cases of Beimen restaurant and the parking lot at Qianlaiye store were also added in 2013. These projects enlivened the area's facilities and encouraged local economic growth.
(4) Actively promoted the facility and location certifications for environmental education at the Budai Visitor Center and Budai Wetland Area. On October 31, 2013, received certification for the training of environmental protection personnel from the Environmental Protection Administration, which remains valid for five years.
(5) The Beiman Visitor Information Center public toilets were once again awarded first prize by the Tainan government in the recreational area section's non-institutional category for 2013. Moreover, improved the family restrooms and nursery rooms, as well as installed toilet flushing sound machines to improve the quality of female restrooms.
(6) Recognizable Measures
Established the “Bridal Makeup Room” and the “Beauty along the Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan coast” 3D stereoscopic film at the Beimen Visitor Information Center to offer tourists a happy, moving experience.
Held several “Southwest Celebrity Lectures” and invited experts and tourists to interact regarding tourism issues.
Enabled the “Online Activity Registration System” and “Guide Explanation Online Reservation System” to increase channels by which the public can participate.
The Kouhu Visitor Information Center began operations in September 2013, and served as the minor pavilion of the “2013 Yunlin Agricultural Expo”.
(7) Assessment Awards
Took second place in the 2013 public property management evaluation by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication.
Took the second place group award and the third place individual award in the 2013 annual visitor centers supervision and service quality assessment put on by the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communication.
Took first place in the 2013 program for implementation of effective document processing by the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communication.
Took first place in the 2013 appraisal of employee operation and performance by the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communication.
3. Advertising and Promotion
(1) The Southwest Coast Route of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle continued to offer premium-quality service, linking famous sights along the coast. Different discount packages were promoted in conjunction with special events. Furthermore, joint tickets were issued with the Tainan City government's Taijian 99 bus to make it easier for travellers to plan multi-day journeys.
(2) A series of Lunar New Year holiday activities such as the Balloons for Receipts Charity Drive were held by the Beimen Visitor Center. Moreover, the Budai Visitor Information Center carried out the Happy Spring in Budai activity, set up the Budai Fisherman art installation, and held music concerts on the Southwest Coast.
(3) On March 13, 2013, in coordination with the Kinmen and Chiayi County governments, held a horseshoe crab environment restoration eco-exhibition, beginning on the same day as the Budai Visitor Information Center opening ceremonies and finishing on September 1, 2013.
(4) The “2013 Salt & Sand Sculpture Art Festival at southwestern Taiwan” activity was held in conjunction with the Tainan City government and various public and private institutions at the Masago recreation area and Qigu's salt mountain from May 12 to June 30, 2013. Nearly 300,000 visits were made to the event. Indirect economic benefits were an estimated NT$160 million.s
(5) On June 22, 2013, in accordance with the “Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer” events, organized activities starting from Dongshih Fisherman's Wharf and continuing along the Tropic of Cancer. Furthermore, held the 4-stage midsummer sunset-watching activities at Wasianting Island in the last third of June; tourist participants set off from the Budai Yacht Port and Dongshih Fisherman's Wharf for Wasianting Island; the activities attracted the participation of 157 tourists in all.
(6) Between July 19 and 21, held the 2013 Summer Festival at Dongshih Fisherman's Wharf in cooperation with the Chiayi County government. During the period, there were 260,000 of visitors coming to the area.
(7) Between July 6 and August 18, 2013, a series of summer DIY activities was held at Baimen and Budai Visitor Centers.
(8) On August 10 and 11, 2013, held horseshoe crab conservation activities at the bridge of magpies in cooperation with Chiayi County government and the Chiayi Ecological Conservation Association.
(9) On weekends from September to October, 2013, 8-stage Eco-Magic Camps were carried out at Chiayi Budai, Tainan Beimen, and the Kuoho Township of Yunlin. A total of 178 tourists participated in the activities.
(10) On October 19 and 20, held the 2013 Birdathon activities in Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan Counties, attracting 92 bird lovers from 7 countries to attend, and the superstar birds campaign on Facebook, where a total of 1,004 people cast their votes.
(11) From November 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014, held the History of Chinese Salt Special Exhibition at the Taiwan Salt Museum inviting the sea salt museum from Huanghua City in Hebei Province to exhibit its precious collection of cultural relics here in Taiwan.
(12) On November 2 and 3, held the 2013 Kungshen Wangye's Salt of Peace Festival at the Nankunshen Temple, attracting more than 40,000 participants, and a Facebook photo campaign of lucky salt bags, with a total of 69 contributions and appealing to 8,418 voters.
(13) On November 16, 2013, organized the Beimen orienteering race, covering the Beimen and Jingzaijiao areas, and appealing to about 300 competitors to attend.
(14) Between December 22 and 31, 2013, held the White Christmas & Sunset-Watching series of tourism activities. Starting from the Christmas tree lighting on December 13, the events attracted more than 45,000 people to attend. In conjunction with the Tainan City government and Siraya Management Station, organized the New Year's Eve Trilogy activities and Sunset-Watching events at the salt fields of Jingzaijiao, Beimen, where nearly 10,000 tourists participated throughout the day.
4. Future Development
(1) Promote “White Southwest” as the direction of tourism development and marketing imagery.
(2) Develop the area through four core attractions including: Kouhu's environmental education park, the tourism fishery areas at Budai and Dongshih, the small tourism town of Beimen, and the LOHAS salt resort of Qigu and Jiangjun.