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The Lichi Badland Geopark, located in the southeastern part of Taiwan, is one of the Taiwan Geoparks Network launched at 2011. Lichi badland Geopark is not only important in geology and Earth science on subduction of convergent plates, but also in ecotourism. We can find in this out-door geological classroom myriad valuable evidences of plate collisions and rock formation of different oceanic crusts. A large number of developed gullies and its erosion are also found here, which are explicit signs of convergent plates and have significant value for science.

The uniqueness of the local geology and scarcity of the landscapes gives this area its unique characteristics. The well-developed badland dominates landscape with the argillaceous rock sculptured by water runoff and forming well-developed gullies. Besides, the ultrabasic rock of ophiolite suite is evident here as a result of tectonic collision.

In the serve conditions of muddy badlands and rugged terrain, the soil is poorly developed with very thin topsoil. Those also define the land use and cultural landscapes surrounding the geopark which are unique and much shaped by its geomorphological processes. This area is also well-known for its abundant aboriginal culture as well as unique badland agricultural practices.

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