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Traffic and Contact Information

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Source:Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Penghu Islands, situated in the Taiwan Strait, rely solely on sea and air transportation for outside access, with air transport being the most important mode of transportation. Over 30 regular flight services from Taiwan to Magong are provided by the following airlines: Far Eastern Air Transport, Uni Air, TransAsia Airways, and Mandarin Airlines, departing from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Chiayi and Kaohsiung.
TransAsia Airways  Uni Air Mandarin Airlines Daily Air Far Eastern Air Transport



TransAsia Airways           Uni Air            Mandarin Airlines      Daily Air          Far Eastern Air Transport
Tel. No. 449-8123  02- 25086999 412-8008 07- 8014711 02- 87707999
Magong service counter Tel.No. 06- 9228866 06- 9228986 06- 9228692 06- 9228692 06- 9228801
Magong air cargo station 06- 9228889 06- 9228965 06- 9228695 06- 9228695  
 Source: Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC  

a. Transportation

Penghu relies on sea and air transportation. There are currently airlines takes off from Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Kingmen. The regular aircrafts departs starting from 7am and more flights will be scheduled during the holidays.
Note 1. Please refer to Magong Airport for flight schedule:
Note 2. Ever Lead Travel Agency may assist you with flight booking Tel: (02)2567-2001
Another way to visit Penghu is by boat. There are scheduled boats which head to and from Penghu regularly from Chiayi and Kaohsiung Harbor. The ride is around 80 minutes available throughout the seasons. But it may temporarily cancel according to the rough weather. Boat rides are also available between Penghu Islets.
Note 1.

Please check the Chiayi Harbor and Kaohsiung Harbor for the regular boat transit.

b. Food

Huacaigan Restaurant
Recommendsquid scrambled egg, shiju pork soup, dried cauliflower, pickle friend pork, pickle and fish.
AddressNo.4-2, Dongwen, Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市東文里42)
Qianyi Tang Diet Egg
AddressNo.42, Zhongyang St., Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市中央街42)
Changjin Restaurant
RecommendCaramel chicken, caramel pork chop, crab congee, and other seafood dish.
AddressNo.9, Minzhu Rd., Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市民族路9)
Beixinchao Beef Offal Soup
RecommendBeef offal soup, pork dumplings, pot stickers, pork buns
AddressNo.34, Wenkang St., Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市文康街34)
Abao Sausage
RecommendSausages, rice sausage, Kantoni, and BBQ pork
AddressNear Tienhu Temple
Maluyi Pork Chop Rice
RecommendStinky tofu, Taiwanese kimchi, pork chop rice, fried oyster
AddressNo.5, lane 7, Zhongzheng Rd., Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市中正路75)
Yuguan Grass Jelly
AddressNo.32, Mingfu Rd., Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市民福路32)
Zhange Noodles
RecommendChicken Rice, Double Mixed Rice, BBQ Pork Rice, Seafood noodle
AddressNo.20, Guanming Rd., Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市光明路20)
Zhenggan Lemonade
RecommendLemonade, cactus juice, passion fruit juice, fongru tea
AddressNo.59, Zhongzhen Rd., Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市中正路59)
Laifu Seafood Restaurant
RecommendSeafood Cusine
AddressNo.43, Xinchun Rd., Makong, Penghu (澎湖縣馬公市新村路43)
Ching-Shin Seafood
RecommendSeafood Cuisine and local dish
AddressNo.77-2, ChitungVillage, Xiyu, Penghu (澎湖縣西嶼鄉池東村77-2)
Star Moon Bay Pension
AddressNo.132, Dazhi Village, Xiyu, Penghu (澎湖縣西嶼鄉大池村132)
Ahong Braised Whelks
RecommendTaro cactus ice, braised whelks
AddressNo.11-5, Xiaomen Village, Xiyu, Penghu (澎湖縣西嶼鄉小門村11-5)
Erkan Historical Village
RecommendAlmond tea, peanut rice pudding
AddressNo.20, Erkan Village, Xiyu, Penghu (澎湖縣西嶼鄉二崁村20)