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Environmental education

Guidance for the interpreters in geotourism - for a high-quality geopark and ensure sustainability
The Penghu Marine Geopark is rich in geo-diversity. It is also an excellent tourist attraction. To promote geotourism, the Penghu National Scenic Area Administration works jointly with the National Taiwan University's Department of Geography to provide an easy-to-understand guide book to improve the knowledge of local community development associations, tour guides, and volunteers. The goals are to transform the Penghu Islands into a high-quality geopark and ensure sustainability.
Conceptualizing interpretation:
The following are major concepts of rock, soil & landforms, biodiversity, exogenesis processes, culture and landscape conservation which are equiped to interpreters from the beginning:

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12 questions the interpreters should know the answers before guiding a geotour in Penghu:
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For more detail: Guide book for the interpreters: Penghu marine geopark. Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau.