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With close proximity to the metropolitan area of Kaohsiung, Yenchao Geopark is famous for its bad land landscapes, wonderful agriculture products and hospitable people. Yenchao Geopark possesses the highest and most visible current mud volcanoes in Taiwan and is distinguished for its mudstone and badland. Major scenic spots include Wushanding mud volcano, Kuansuiping mud volcano and Shinyannui mud pond. In accordance with the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act, Wushanding mud volcano was designated as a Natural Reserve Area as of March 12th, 2003. 

The Mudstone area consists of mud volcanoes and mud domes, in which mud volcanoes are pseudo-volcanoes where underground natural gas, liquid, and mud are pressured and erupt along earth fractures to form micro-landforms. The Mudstones are made of silt- and clay-sized particles which are both too small to see. After erupting on the ground, they gradually dry up and form various small pictorial patterns and pile up to form cone-shaped “volcanoes”, which are all attractive to visitors. The co-existence of mudstone and mud volcanoes creates an interesting out-door environmental education for school kids.
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