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There are many stakeholders engaging in management and activities of Yanchao Geopark. The state agencies include: Forestry of the Agricultural Development; Committee of the Executive Yuan Affairs Bureau; and Pingtung Forest Management Office; Kaohsiung City Government; and  Yanchao District and Jinshan district government.

In recent years, there are some civil society agencies and local university engaging via various community activities like Jinshan Community Development Association; Yanchao Yuanjiao Humanist Association; and  Kaohsiung Normal University.
Community activities include landscape conservation education and training; Interpretation Training Courses for Classes and Landscapes (with Jinshan Community Development Association, Yanchao Yuanjiao Humanist Association)

Local participation and community networking is important for Geoparks. In the Yenchao Geopark, the Yuanjiao Humanist Association and some local village community associations are vital institutions active in promoting local beauty spot and networking with other geoparks. People combine community economy and badland characteristics to boost local development. Guavas and Jujubes are important cash crops and local cultural symbols. The activity of visiting the Funin- Jujube-Fields has become a core promotion activity for the community.